The Holy Spirit Is My Referee

When playing in an official basketball game the referee’s regulates the game.  All the players most abide by the calls that the referee’s make.  If the players don’t abide by the referees, the players can get a technical foul are even worst, get kicked out of the game.  Last night I played a pickup basketball game.  Pickup ball consist of for the most part friends playing together at a local gym, but in pickup ball there’s no referee’s.  So the game is regulated by the actually player’s.  Most of the time, but not always a persons true character is defined by the calls they make.  Everybody must has to play on the honor system to make the game fun and competitive without a whole bunch of arguing calls.  If you go to any local playground or gym and watch a pickup game, there’s a 99% chance that the game will be held up for at least 10 minutes do to a bunch of arguing calls.  As a Christian I try to make honest calls and not let the intensity and emotion of the game control my decision making on making bad calls just to win the game.  I’m not always successful at that.  Last night a group of us played 3 on 3 full court.  My team was winning all the games.  We were crushing them as I say that as humbly as I can.  Lol.  As the games went on emotions started to steer up.  One of the players on the other team started to make bad calls to try and get a win.  In my opinion that showed his true character or am I being too judgemental?  After the bads calls constantly persisted I started to get upset and wanted to make those bad calls to even the playing field.  One particular play I fouled one of the players and in a split second I decided not to give him the foul call and go on the the fast break.  Immediately I felt guilt and stopped the break and gave the player I fouled the ball.  In that instance the Holy Spirit lead me to do the right thing.  The Holy Spirit is my referee.  The Holy Spirit leads me in all things from a pickup game to making important decisions in business to making decisions with in my family.  The Holy Spirit is my referee = GUIDE in life.

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  1. Hakeem Sylver
    December 20, 2018
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    December 21, 2018

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