This Could Have Went Really Wrong

Have anyone ever been pulled over for not using their turn signal on a empty highway.  Well I did a couple of days ago.  I entered onto the empty highway and changed lanes without using my turn signal and a few seconds later a police officer was flashing his lights behind me. Yeah I get it, changing lanes without using my turn signal is a violation.  But its hard for me to not think that I was pulled over for other reasons.  I drive a very, very nice and expensive car.  I was also driving in a very expensive neighborhood, and I’m black.  The officer was white.  Now I can go on and on about how that looks more like police harassment more then the officer really trying to do his job.  But I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to talk about how God used this situation for good.  About a month ago my wife and I talked about my drivers license needing to be renewed in a month. That month is here now.  But with the holidays and everything else going on, I totally forgot that my license was about to expire.  So when the officer pulled me over my drivers license was the last thing I was thinking about being a problem.  Honestly I didn’t know why I was getting pulled over.  Usually I get pulled over for speeding.  I have a bit of a lead foot, but this time I was sure I wasn’t speeding.  The officer went through the usual traffic stop routine.  I give him my information, still totally obilvious to the fact that my license was expired. Before looking at my information the officer proceeds to ask me, “that’s a nice car your driving, what do you do for a living.”  Now again I can take that as the officer implying that I either stole the car or I was a drug dealer or however I got that car it wasn’t legal.  But like I said this post is to focuse on how God used this situation for good.  So after the policeofficer ran my information he told that my license was expired, and then I remembered that I was supposed to get my license renewed.  So how did God use this situation for good.   A couple of days later after the officer pulled me over, I had a lease signing for a restaurant that I’m opening.  The lease required a notary to be present while I signed and to notarize the lease.  Without the officer pulling me over for something as simple as not using my turn signal on an empty highway helped me to remember to get my license renewed.  I would not have been able to sign the lease without my license being renewed.  And just the fact that to this day, I still would have been walking around with an expired license, and who knows if I would have remembered to renew it before something really important happened and my expired license would had stopped me from doing something.  With all the police brutality towards minority’s things could have been a lot worst.  So I’m thinkfull God is always looking out for me, and using what could had been a bad situation and turned it into a positive situation.  

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