Blessings Journal

I was challenged several years ago to start a blessings journal.  Basically, it was to take time every day to write down the blessings God gave me (and/or my family) for that particular day.  It could be something as simple as finding money in my coat pocket I’d forgotten I put there, to someone paying it forward in the drive-thru … or even just “Thank You, God, that today’s over and you promise me a clean slate to start over tomorrow.” 

Over the years my blessing journal has grown to include much more than just writing down the blessings God gives each and every day.  I have started writing down promises He speaks over me and my family, prayer requests He has answered, the specific word He gives me for the upcoming year, significant Bible verses He wants me to focus on for a particular season, and my commitment for times of fasting. 

Every December, I take time to go to the store and pick out the blessing journal that I think best fits the word God gives for the upcoming year. It has to be the perfect color, style, etc. and each year it’s different. I like using fancy notebooks with different sections in place of an expensive journal, just because I like to have a section for all of the above and I like having a notebook I can fold over and write in easily since that’s the purpose of the journal – writing down the ways God speaks, blesses and answers. During particular difficult periods of time in my faith journey, I will reread past journals to remember the ways God has blessed, spoken and answered and it encourages me to endure, not give up, and finish strong the assignments He gives. 

This year was different. For 2019, God gave me two words: delight and victory. Usually I pick a very bright, colorful notebook with a crazy design because it fits my personality better. This year, though, God kept bringing me back to a simple white notebook and He nudged me to go buy stickers to decorate it. I think He was telling me this is a year of celebration because the testing (refining) He has allowed for the past five years is coming to an end.

In September 2018, I had finally, fully surrendered to His plan in my life, laying down all my dreams and plans and choosing His way. I had “waved the white flag” and I think my notebook this year is a reminder to continue to fully surrender to God each and every day.

I’m excited to see what God has in store in 2019 for me and my family. Surrendering completely and laying down all my plans and dreams was hard … but the peace it’s brought is so much sweeter than any achievement I would have accomplished on my own.

Praying your 2019 is full of God’s blessings for your life … and I offer you a challenge to surrender your plans and dreams to Him too. He can do a lot when we get out of the way and let Him work.  I’m living proof of that.




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