Is going to Church a must?

I love going to church on Sundays. I look forward to the Praise and Worship and the giving of my offering. However, since being in a new country, I find my taste for church going has decrease. I pray, I worship, I thank God each day, but I do it from the comfort of my home to the point where I think going to Church may not be so important.

A part of me knows it’s wrong in believing and thinking this way but then the part that is saying that is the lazy part of me that won’t wake up thinking its too early or I can just say a prayer, sing a song  and thats it. The most puzzling thing to me is, “I”, “We” find the time to get up no matter how early to go to work, to go on a trip, to go shopping, to go to a party but when it comes to church its a whole different feeling. Which is so wrong? Sometime I feel like its the church or maybe its just me, I think its me.

My daughter’s view of church is like its unnecessary and so is most teens these day. It hurts me when she talk like that but as a parent I am to blame. I feel like as a Christian, I have not set any good example in terms of taking church seriously. The fact that I am even asking this question, goes to show where I may be at.

I want to strengthen my desire for church, but how can I?Church for me though have to be clap hand, firey praise and worship, awesome sermons,else I feel like it wasn’t church. More Pentecostal I might say. Thats how I grew up.

My aim now is getting the urge and desire to go to church on the regular and not just stay home and give thanks. The same urge that let me go out whether rain, snow or storm to anywhere else, is the same urge I am looking for.

To God be the Glory!!!

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  1. Taniesha Salmons
    August 13, 2019

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