About Us

I’ve been a Christian for 26 years. My relationship with Jesus is and has always been my number one priority, although, like most Christians it hasn’t always been easy. While God has never wavered in His love for me, I have had periods of doubting and questioning my beliefs, eventually growing closer to God as a result of digging deeper into why I believe what I believe.My wife and I have been married for 11 years and together are raising four wonderful children. We have made it a priority to introduce our kids to Jesus with the hope they too, will choose a personal relationship with Him as well.The reason I started WeAgape.com is because social media has taken over our daily lives … it’s everywhere. Almost everyone is on social media at some point. As a Christian, I didn’t feel I had a safe platform to unwind at the end of the day without being distracted by negativism and/or images that weren’t healthy for a Christian to view. I tried to stay away just so I wouldn’t get caught up in the distractions which attempted to pull me away from my faith. But I missed the positive interaction and entertainment I had been enjoying as well as the social aspect of connecting with others. As a result, I came up with WeAgape.com as a platform for Christians which was a safe place to interact. The name was chosen because Agape means love and we are called by Jesus Christ to love everyone. During the development phase, it pivoted to a space for Christians and non-Christians alike to have friendly, encouraging conversations about multiple topics from a Christian standpoint, anything from having doubts about your faith or Christianity in general to sharing praise reports of what Jesus has done in your life. I hope you see WeAgape.com as an encouraging place to hang out, meet other like-minded Christians, build communities within the platform all while growing your faith.